Wood Container Styles

Here you can view some of our standard wood container styles. If you are unsure of the exact measurements, our package engineers are here to help. Call us at 860.432.2818 and we will walk through your needs and designs.


Style A & Style I

  • Cleated plywood creates a durable shipping container for heavier industrial products.
  • Clinched nail fabrication between plywood and cleats
  • Standard plywood bases or custom designed lumber bases for heavier products
  • Custom engineered cushioned bases available
  • Standard and custom hardware available
  • Made with or without skids. Skids can be 2-way or 4-way entry
  • Shipped set up or knocked down - please specify when ordering
  • Can be ordered with Top and one Side removable (panels lag screwed together for easy removal & reassembly)

Base & Shroud

  • Two piece construction. Shroud (top) is secured to base with removable screws for easy removal.
  • Maximum accessibility for loading & unloading
  • Minimizes positioning problems
  • Ease of securing to solid wood base
  • Use base as a material handling device then ship with shroud attached

Standard Materials

  • Plywood, AC or CD
  • OSB
  • Lumber - all our lumber is heat treated.
  • Other materials available upon request.

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