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  • iHub Packaging & Logistics
  • iHub Packaging & Logistics

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iHub Packaging & Logistics Help You Store, Manage and Distribute Your Parts and Equipment Easily and Efficiently

A 110,000+ sq. foot climate-controlled, secure space where we will manage, store, clean and distribute your parts and equipment as needed.

  • State of the art web-based portal for accurate inventory control
  • Five standard docks with electronic dock plates for deliveries
  • Drive-in dock for large part access
  • 4,000 lb hoisting system
  • Controlled VMI systems
  • 24-hour security system
  • Climate-controlled facility

iHub gives you full control of your inventory, shipping and receiving, crating, parts packaging, and more. Make more room in your shop by relying on iHub for storage and inventory management. Control your inventory from our web-based portal, and leverage our five standard docks for easy access to large parts and equipment. Utilize our expertise in logistics to help ensure reliable shipping and receiving.

iHub offers your business the tools and resources it needs to manage complex inventory, pack and ship your parts, and grow into a powerhouse.

Call today for an onsite tour of iHUB at 860.432.2818 or reach us via our contact page.

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