Box it Up (Precisely) with Champlin Packrite

You spend your days manufacturing critical products and components with great precision and care. But what happens when they are shipped or stored away?

Are your parts packaged safely and securely to prevent interior movement or damage during shipping?

At Champlin's manufacturing facility in Hartford, we design & build wood, corrugated and plastic industrial packaging with precision to protect your large or small parts once they leave the production floor. We also create custom mobile tool carts, versatile racks, foam trays, storage totes and containers, so you can yield greater efficiencies and continuous process improvements facility-wide.

While designing and manufacturing boxes and containers has been our business since 1931, we continue to evolve as a company. Most recently, we launched iHUB Packaging & Logistics in Manchester, where we package your large and small parts, as well as inventory, manage, store and care for them too!

Give us a call to learn more on our new Manchester number at 860.432.2818 or email us at info@champlincompany.com.

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